You were trained to protect our country.
We will train you to build it.

Through the UA Veterans in Piping (VIP) Program, you can apply your Army training into a rewarding career in the pipe trades.

Your military career may be coming to an end, but the countless skills and experiences you have acquired throughout your service can benefit you throughout your lifetime. Let us help you put them to the test with entry into an increasingly in-demand welding industry rife with career opportunities and stability for you and your family.

What the UA VIP Program offers:

  • An 18-week accelerated welder training program for active-duty Army personnel.
  • Completely FREE training at the Local 58 Training Center in Colorado Springs, near Fort Carson. 
  • Acceptance into a UA local union, where you will receive further training and job placement upon graduation.

Because we offer real help to veterans in real time, UA VIP is recognized as one of the best veteran assistance programs in the country. But don't just take our word for it - see graduate success stories from Fort Carson:

Check Out VIP Willie Nazario

Make your transition back into civilian life that much easier with UA VIP training. Sumbit your contact information today to learn more for our FORT CARSON WELDING program!

Welding Class 13 begins on June 25.

Fort Carson