b'Michael Parker sally, as a union. It underlines what is expected from our members on the job, as well as from our con-tractors. No matter where we go, this is what we should expect. This is how I view the Standard for Excellence. I do love the program so much. It helped me transition from being a soldier. It gave me a tool to measure how I was supposed to act on a job. Michael has found comfort in the brotherhood and sisterhood that can be found in a labor union. He said, The UA is my family now. It doesnt mat-ter what time of day or night, if one of my brothers or sisters needed anything, I would be there. If you put all of the other important things asidethe pay, healthcare, and retirement, which are really im-portant to my familyI would still say, What other jobs could you have where you felt that the brotherhood and sisterhood were your family? Where else would you have the opportunity to feel that way about the people you work with and around every day?Michael is glad he chose the United Association VIP program. He has been steadily employed in a profession he loves, and he is now looking forward to giving back to his local union as a UA instructor. Career Opportunities in Piping for Transitioning Veterans|Spring/Summer 2021 11'