b'down every project into a mis-sion. When youre in transition from doing something 24/7 to having a job eight hours a day, that transition takes some time. You have to almost deprogram yourself. The discipline of the Army teaches you that if youre supposed to be somewhere at 5:00 a.m., youll be there at 4:45. If you have to work long hours, veterans dont care. They have done this for years. There is a tremendous work ethic. Veterans are taught to listen and understand directions one time. It could mean a life-or-death situation. Most veterans could probably, verbatim, repeat exactly what they were just told. They bring motivation and morale and drive to a lot of groups. They are just a great asset to our company, to the UA, and contrac-tors alike. I wish there were more of them.Tyler Wade has been fortunate to work for Tyler Wade Driekast as a first-year apprentice. He gradu-ated from the Camp Pendleton VIP welding program with two welding certifications. Local 392 training coordinator Matt Taylor reached out to Marc Gosney about employing Tyler, and to own my own company.without hesitation, Marc agreed. Matt Taylor Driekast employs between 40 andsaid, When Marc hires an apprentice, he ex-50 employees.pects them to work hard, but he is going to When Marc hires When we bought this com- teach them a lot too, so its a win-win situation. pany, Marc continued, what wasIts really nice to have a contractor owner who is an apprentice, hereally important to us was thea veteran, because a guy like Tyler, Im not sure way the employees would bewhat hes been through, but Marc does. expects them totreated. My partners and I felt that some owners As a Marine, Tyler was involved in special look down on blue-collar workers. If one of myoperations command. He was enlisted for four work hard, but he guys has an issue, it becomes my issue, because Iyears. He was deployed to the Philippines and want them to succeed. I dont want anyone tocame home in December. Ten days later, he is going to teachget hurt. I want everyone to go home to theirwent into the VIP welding program on base. them a lot too, sofamilies. I want to make sure that everyonesThe day he graduated from the VIP program head is in the game, because in our industry,was the day he was released from the Marine its a win-win there are a lot of moments that can ruin yourCorps, and the following day he arrived in day or ruin your life. So, I want my employees toCincinnati. Seven days later, he started working. situation.be completely focused. If they need a day off be- At Driekast, Tyler has been traveling from job cause theyre stressed out because of whatever to job with a journeyman, Derek, who had beenMatt Taylor, Local 392its OK. I dont want anyone to jeopardize thea teacher at Local 392 as well. Tyler stated that Training Coordinatorguy who is working next to them. Things hap- Derek is an excellent teacher on the road, and pen. Sometimes, your wife might need you tohes allowing Tyler to weld as much as possible. stay home because she has to go to work, andWhen Tyler looks at his career path, he under-the kids are sick. You shouldnt feel guilty.stands about long-term goals. Im still really, re- As an Army veteran, hiring other veterans isally new to all of this. I am just going to take it important to Marc. He said, When youre inone day at a time and do the very that transition period, a lot of veterans are stillbest that I can do every day. used to the military way of doing things. I break Career Opportunities in Piping for Transitioning Veterans|Spring/Summer 2021 9'