b'VIP ProgramResponsible for Marines Comfortable LifestyleMatthew MarcheseMatthew Marchese for the United States Navy. He was asked by the di-joined the Marine Corps in 2012, right out of high school. Like manyrector of his apprenticeship program to attend this students in their senior year of high school, he didntcourse, and with no hesitation, Matt took advantage know what he wanted to do after graduation, so heof the opportunity presented to him. He said, decided to follow in his brothers footsteps and be- When he asked me, I jumped on board to learn As part of the trainingcame a rifleman for the Marines. He was deployed tosomething new. Its very interesting, and hopefully I the Pacific twice, and fortunately, he did not seeget to use it in the field someday. I want to get as course, Matt was ablecombat on either deployment. much training under my belt as possible whenever itsIn January 2020, at the time of the interview, Mattprovided to me. to practice using thewas a fourth-year apprentice with Enterprise Associa-During his apprenticeship, Matt has been working Faro laser scanner ontion of Steamfitters Local 638 in New York City andfor mechanical contractor Manhattan Mechanical, Long Island, NY. He heard about the VIP programservicing the HVACR (heating, ventilation, air con-the USS Intrepid, one offrom his brother who went through the program andditioning, and refrigeration) in tenant buildings in is also a Local 638 member. After he told me allNew York City. Im in the field five days a week, he 24 Essex-class aircraftabout Local 638, the work hed been doing, and thesaid. Its nice because its a small shop, so you get to VIP program, I was on board, Matt said. When Iput your hands on every part of the job.carriers built duringwas in bootcamp, my brother was going through the Matt lives in New Jersey, where he recently bought program, which I didnt know anything about yet, sohis first home. He attributes his comfortable lifestyle World War II for thepretty early on, the VIP program was in the back ofto the UA and the VIP program. He said, I want to my mind. Once I decided I wasnt going to re-enlist,thank the UA for making a program like the VIP United States Navy. I started looking into it and took the right steps byprogram, which gave me an opportunity to live a contacting the right people.good life back home. He thanked his instructors inMatt was taking a 3D laser scanning trainingthe VIP program, stating, My three main instruc-course at the time of the interview. As part of thetors, Billy Platt, Mike Cummings, and Dave Porter, training course, Matt was able to practice using theall really helped me to establish a good foundation in Faro laser scanner on the USS Intrepid, one of 24those initial few months.Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II Career Opportunities in Piping for Transitioning Veterans|Spring/Summer 2021 7'