b'Continuing a Brotherhood Forged in the Army for VIP GraduatesMarc GosneyDriekast is acombination mechanicalapprentices and graduates to hone their craftsMost veterans could piping/plumbing contractor that has been inwithin his company. business for more than 30 years. Experienced in Marc got into the trades by accident. He hadprobably, verbatim, both the public and private sectors, HVAC in- been a helicopter mechanic in the Army. He stallation, hydronics, plumbing, and process pip- met Matt Taylor, Local 392s training coordina- repeat exactly what ing systems are the companys forte. They aretor, through a mutual friend. They got together experienced in a wide variety of piping, includ- one afternoon when Marc returned from Iraq,they were just told. ing carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, PVC,and Matt asked him what he was going to do. fiberglass, lined piping, and polypropylene.Marc told him that he had no idea. MattThey bring motiva-Driekast is a certified service-disabled veteran- replied, Why dont you become a pipefitter? owned small business and a veteran-friendlyWeve got a good pension plan and great bene- tion and morale and business enterprise, and thats exactly why itsfits. Its a good job. You know, youre working co-owner, Marc Gosney, makes an excellentwith your hands all the time. At the time, Marcdrive to a lot of employer for those who have graduated fromsaid he had no idea what a pipefitter even did, the Veterans in Piping (VIP) program. Marcbut it piqued his interest. He went through thegroups. They are just Gosney has more than 15 years of experience ininterview process and was chosen for the next the piping industry. He graduated at the top ofapprenticeship class. He turned out as a jour- a great asset to our his apprenticeship class at Plumbers and Pipefit- neyman in 2009 and spent roughly eight years ters Local 392 in Cincinnati, OH. He workedwith the same company. Marc and two friendscompany, to the UA, for 11 years as a foreman/superintendent and sixin the trades wanted to start their own company. years in project management and estimatingaAs fate happened, Marc and his partners dis- and contractors alike. strong testament to what veterans can accom- covered a company in the area for sale that al- I wish there were plish in the building trades. Although Marc wasready had an established name. Through some not fortunate enough to go through the Veter- creative financing, as Marc described it, theymore of them. ans in Piping (VIP) program, as an Army vet- were able to purchase the company. eran, he has been a strong advocate for those He said, In 2018, I left a company at which I coming through the program, making room forwas a foreman/superintendent and took the leap Marc Gosney8 opsCAREER'