JBLM Welding Class 12 learns basic pipefitting techniques

May 22, 2017 8:02:00 AM / by UA Veterans in Piping (VIP)

Members of JBLM Welding Class 12 are starting on a class project to simulate position welding in the field.

Seven weeks into the 18-week accelerated program, Kris McAferty, JBLM VIP Welding lead instructor, feels his students are doing a good job understanding the coursework.

Adam Price is a member of the UA VIP Program at JBLMMark Torres shows his welding project for the UA VIP JBLM Welding Program

At this stage of the course, they learn to cut and prep pipe and fitting, as well the basic techniques of pipefitting. 

Students do all the work and decide what order to put the pieces together. They are given a drawing with directions for assembly and the only help they are allowed is from an instructor if they ask for advice or need an extra hand holding the pieces to be tacked.

Chris Barnett gains hands-on welding experience through the UA VIP Program at JBLM

When a member completes the project, McAferty goes over the work in order to simulate a real world situation, where a Quality Coordinator would mark each imperfection down on a grade sheet.

This exercise helps the students learn to do a better job. The goal for each member is to do a better job than the example kept in the welding shop.

A completed proect by a former VIP.jpg If a student’s craftsmanship exceeds the work of the example, their piece becomes the new example and will be shown until someone can do better.

Does this type of work sound interesting?

If you are a military member at JBLM who will be transitioning out of the service within the next year, you should consider applying to join the UA VIP Program.

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