UA journeymen can obtain certifications to make them more valuable to a contractor.

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UA VIP JBLM Welding Class 13

Certifications are becoming increasingly important in the piping industry, as craftsmen are often required to hold specific certifications in order to verify their ability to perform the complex and challenging work of the modern pipe mechanic.

United Association members have access to a variety of certification programs, enabling them to obtain the credentials they need to meet workplace demand. Programs include valve repair, medical gas installation, welding, refrigerant handling, industrial rigging, UA/MCA foreman, geothermal, green awareness and instrumentation.

Each program relies on third party validation for an objective evaluation of UA journeyman’s ability.

The UA offers the following specialized pipe trade certification programs to journeymen: 

  1. UA Welder Certification – within this certification there are currently 84 different UA Weld Tests.
  2. UA/NCCCO Crane Signalperson Certification
  3. UA Green System Awareness Certification Program
  4. UA/MCAA Foreman Certification
  5. UA/EPRI Industrial Rigging Certification
  6. UA/EPRI Valve Technician Certification Program
  7. UA/EPRI Instrumentation Technician Certification Program
  8. AWS Certified Welding Inspector
  9. UA Energy Audit Certification
  10. UA/ASSE Backflow Certification
  11. UA OSHA Certification
  12. UA Medical Gas Technician Certification Program
  13. EPA Section 608 Technician Certification Program
  14. UA Nuclear Mechanic Program
  15. Authorized Testing Representative
  16. UA Plastic Piping Installer
  17. UA Non Destructive Testing
    1. MT-Magnetic Particle Testing
    2. PT-Liquid Penetrant Testing
  18. UA STAR Certification
    1. HVACR Service Technicians
    2. Plumbers
    3. Pipefitters
    4. Fire Sprinkler Fitters 


To learn more about the United Association's dedication to training and to certifications, visit their website

“The VIP program taught us a lot, and I definitely felt like I had a foot forward coming out of the program.”

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