Eligibility Requirements

Due to the nature of its training, the UA VIP Program is only available to active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service and currently stationed at a participating base. If you are a veteran who has already transitioned out of the military, please click here to view specialized career options.

VIP training consists of an accelerated, 18-week course covering the welding, sprinkler fitting, or HVAC-R trades that allow participants to earn industry-recognized certifications and a direct entry into solid, private-sector jobs with good pay and benefits.

Benefits of the UA VIP Program:

  • Free Skills Training - The UA VIP Program helps active military successfully transition to civilian life by offering high-skills training and guaranteed access to good jobs in welding, sprinkler fitting, HVAC-R, and other plumbing and pipe fitting trades at no cost to participants or the government.
  • Training & College Credit - Participants also earn college credits for VIP training courses, and upon completion, receive up to four years of formal apprenticeship training. Attending the most advanced, well-respected pipe trades training centers in the country, participants have an opportunity to earn additional college credits toward an Associate’s Degree - again, at no cost.
  • Efficient Job Placement - Upon graduation of the VIP Program, the UA will help you secure a rewarding career with one of our local unions in need of new, highly-skilled members.
  • High-Quality Jobs -  Filling critical skills gaps in the construction and service sectors, the VIP Program provides training in welding and other specialty fields with current shortages, providing skills for good jobs that pay up to $100,000 per year in wages and benefits.
  • Lifelong Careers - According to a study for the U.S. Department of Labor, individuals who complete registered apprenticeship programs earn over $300,000 more over the course of their careers.

Don’t just take our word for it - see our VIP Success Stories!

If you are an active duty military personnel seeking a rewarding, lifelong career once you transition back to civilian life, please fill out the UA VIP Program Inquiry Form. Begin planning for your future - and the future of your family - today.




The United Association has the first nationally registered joint apprenticeship program in the United States, dating back to 1936, and is now proudly entering its seventh decade. Individuals who enter a United Association five-year apprenticeship program are part of a select group of men and women motivated to learn a complex and challenging trade while upholding the ideals of trade unionism. It is for this reason that we are so committed to working with the service members through our Veterans In Piping program... more