UA VIP Training

& Certification


  • Journey Worker TrainingJourney Worker Training

    The UA is leading all others in skilled training and job placement for America's veterans through its award-winning VIP Program. This accelerated training course is putting hundreds of veterans back to work, teaching them marketable skills and offering them solid career paths. 

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  • Certification ProgramCertification Program

    Certifications are becoming increasingly important in the piping industry. Craftsmen are now often required to hold specific certifications in order to verify their ability to perform the complex and challenging work of the modern pipe mechanic.

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  • Green AwarenessGreen Awareness

    The United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters, Sprinkler Fitters and HVACR Technicians provide training and certification in Green Awareness and Environmental Sustainability for its members, the mechanical piping and service trades workforce.

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  • Instructor TrainingInstructor Training

    Educating the instructors who will teach in local union training programs is just as important to the UA's training efforts as is the apprentice and journey worker training that they will provide to others. UA instructors must be kept abreast of any technological changes, such as the newest methods and latest equipment, as well as any codes and regulations that affect what they teach UA members in their home locals.

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  • Mobile TrainingMobile Training

    The United Association owns a number of mobile facilities equipped to train our members in various locations across the United States and Canada. Even if a local union does not have the necessary equipment for a particular program, we can get those members the training they need to succeed in the field.

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