UA VIP Graduates Recognized in New York Post article

Mar 13, 2017 11:17:57 AM / by UA Veterans in Piping (VIP)

The article Veterans revamp the tri-state area one project at a time by the New York Post introduces three New York area construction workers who proudly served their country. Two of the those highlighted workers excelled through the Veterans In Piping Program.

With resounding courage, Alejandro Francis and Jason Price served as part of the United States Marine Corps. Both also completed the United Association (UA) Veterans In Piping (VIP) Program at Camp Lejeune in 2014. 

The UA VIP Program at Camp Lejeune is an 18-week class that focuses on welding. This accelerated course offers industry-recognized certifications to the men and women that are transitioning out of the military. With the UA VIP, the members are able to complete this course while they are still with the military and once they part ways, the VIPs are able to continue in a career with the UA. 

“I knew they had programs to help you with schooling afterward, so it was an opportunity. As a Marine, we fought for the American dream, and now we’re given the career to live the American dream.” Price told New York Post.

Both Francis and Price are working with Steamfitters Local 638 located in New York.

Alejandro Francis, picture by Steamfitters Local 638.jpg

 Alejandro Francis, picture by Steamfitters Local 638


Jason Price, picture by Steamfitters Local 638.jpg

 Jason Price, picture by Steamfitters Local 638

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