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Camp Pendleton Class 41 graduates ready for civilian careers

Students in the United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program at Camp Pendleton graduated on Dec. 14.

With industry-recognized certifications that allow them to stand out, graduates are ready to begin their civilian careers after they transition out of the military. 

In the weeks and months ahead, the graduates will shift from their military service to begin a DOL-registered UA apprenticeship program at an agreed-upon location.

UA VIP welding instructors Jason Culkin and David Ramirez spent the last 18 weeks teaching their students the basic skills needed to be successful in the UA’s apprenticeship program..

During their class time, students gained an understanding of welding fundamentals through both classroom instruction and practical, hands-on training.

Students had opportunities to earn certifications in Oxy-Fuel Cutting, SMAW Plate Welding, SMAW Pipe Welding, SMAW Pipe Spool, and GRAW Pipe Welding. They also earned their OSHA 30 certification as part of their comprehensive skill development.

The graduates also learned about the proper installation, maintenance and repair of various piping systems. Additionally, they acquired skills in tasks such as joining structural steel brackets and supports for these systems.

Individuals interested in applying to the UA VIP program can select from the following locations and trades, including:

If you are getting ready to transition out of the military and aspire to pursue a fulfilling civilian career in the pipe trades, consider applying to the UA VIP program today.

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Since 2008, thousands of active-duty service members have been able to transition into rewarding civilian careers, thanks to the UA VIP program. 

Participants in the UA VIP program acquire a valuable skill set and expertise that prepares them for a lifelong career in the pipe trades. 

Transitioning active-duty service members from all branches of the military are encouraged to apply for the UA VIP program.