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Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 celebrates class graduation

The United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program proudly celebrated the graduation of Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 on Dec 7.

Under the guidance of Instructor Curtis Amos, 10 VIP students successfully completed the training, which included opportunities to earn various industry-recognized certifications. 

This included Rigging and Signaling, CPVC, Lift Operator, Firestop Systems, OSHA 30 and a first aid certificate, equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge that will give them a leg up when they start their apprenticeship. 

As a DOD Skillbridge program, UA VIP is committed to helping active-duty service members make the transition back to a rewarding civilian career as stress-free as possible.  

Upon transitioning from military service, VIP graduates secure guaranteed positions within a DOL-registered UA apprenticeship program at an agreed-upon location, as well as a job with a UA signatory contractor.

Through the 18-week on-base training, seasoned journeyman instructors teach basic fire suppression through classroom instruction and hands-on training. 

Additionally, the program offers comprehensive career counseling and mentorship, equipping service members with invaluable tools for a seamless and successful transition into civilian careers.

Instructor Curtis Amos expressed his confidence in the Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 graduates, commending them for their dedication and commitment.

“The determination and skill demonstrated by these graduates is truly commendable,” Amos said. “Their accomplishments signify a bright future ahead in the fire protection industry, and I look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success.”

Embrace a rewarding future with UA VIP

As the demand for skilled professionals in fire protection continues to grow, the UA VIP program provides a unique opportunity for active-duty service members seeking to transition into this dynamic field. 

With a proven track record of empowering its program graduates to achieve financial stability, career longevity and access to quality health insurance, the UA VIP program remains steadfast in supporting our nation's military members in forging rewarding civilian careers.

If you are preparing to transition out of the military in the next six months, we encourage you to apply to the UA VIP program and follow in the footsteps of the Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 graduates in shaping a safer future for all.

The UA VIP program offers career training in welding, HVAC-R and fire suppression, where students learn the basics of installing, inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. 

The programs serve all military branches and are administered at seven bases.

Service members stationed at neighboring installations are encouraged to apply for the UA VIP program nearby.