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Fort cavazos welding class 25: paving a path to success in the pipe trades

On Dec. 14, the United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program celebrated the graduation of Fort Cavazos Welding Class 25, marking another significant milestone in the journey of these dedicated service members toward rewarding civilian careers.

Under the guidance of VIP instructors Chris Slaughter and Anthony Vasquez, VIP graduates successfully earned numerous industry-recognized welding certifications.

As these graduates prepare to transition from military service, they are poised to embark on a civilian career, entering a DOL-registered UA apprenticeship program at a pre-arranged location, setting the stage for future success in the pipe trades.

A testament to dedication and excellence

The UA VIP program, a  DOD Skillbridge Program, has once again demonstrated its commitment to equipping active-duty service members with the skills and expertise necessary for a seamless and stress-free transition into sustainable civilian careers. 

Fort Cavazos Welding Class 25 exemplifies this commitment, showcasing the caliber of training and mentorship the program provides.

Those interested in joining the UA VIP program can choose from any of the following locations and trades:

An array of opportunities await

The graduates of Fort Cavazos Welding Class 25 are now equipped with the foundational skills and certifications that will give them a leg up on fellow apprentices.

Instructors Chris Slaughter and Anthony Vasquez expressed their pride and optimism for the graduates, highlighting their dedication and eagerness to learn throughout the program. 

"The dedication and commitment displayed by Fort Cavazos Welding Class 25 (students) have been truly commendable," Slaughter said. 

"These graduates are well-prepared to make significant contributions to the pipe trades, and we are excited to see their continued growth and success," Vasquez added

Embrace the future with UA VIP

As the demand for skilled workers in the pipe trades continues to rise, there has never been a better time for active-duty service members to seize the opportunity offered by the UA VIP Program. 

The UA VIP program remains steadfast in its support of U.S. military service members, helping them achieve financial stability, career longevity and access to quality health insurance.

If you are preparing to transition out of the military and are passionate about pursuing a rewarding career in the pipe trades, we invite you to apply to the UA VIP program and follow Fort Cavazos Welding Class 25 graduates in shaping the industry's future.