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JBLM HVAC-R Class 28 students look to future at halfway point of their training

As JBLM HVAC-R Class 28 reaches its midpoint, the students have the opportunity to determine where they will start their future civilian careers. 

The students in the UA VIP Program have begun to learn the basic skills of heating and cooling system maintenance, and are in the process of learning various industry-recognized certifications. 

The training includes an introduction to the installation and maintenance of all sizes of heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial institutional and industrial applications.

UA VIP is a DOD Skillbridge Program designed to help active-duty service members transition smoothly into careers in the piping industry. 

When the Class 28 students complete their on-base training and transition out of the military, they will join a DOL-registered UA apprenticeship program at an agreed-upon location. 

They are also guaranteed a job with a UA signatory contractor, where they will earn a quality wage and quickly receive full-family medical benefits and contributions toward a retirement package.

The program’s halfway point is also when the students start the process of determining where in the U.S. they will begin their civilian career as an HVAC-R technician.

For Air Force Sgt. Tristan De Sousa, after transitioning out of the military, will relocate to Sacramento, Calif. and become a member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447

Fellow classmate Army Spc. Tennairius Shawn Robinson has been approved to begin his future civilian career as an apprentice with Plumbers, Pipefitters and HVAC-R Service Technicians Local 440 in Indianapolis, Ind.

After completing the UA’s five-year apprenticeship program, the VIP graduates will become certified journeyman HVAC-R Techs, which opens a wide variety of new career paths to pursue. 

Transitioning military members can apply to the following locations:

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