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UA VIP Graduates 15 military members from Camp Pendleton Welding Class 26

Camp Pendleton - 2014 Graduation (1)

The United Association Veterans in Piping Program (UA VIP) is proud to announce 15 members of the armed forces completed the 26th Welding Class held at Camp Pendleton on Feb. 15.

The United Association Veterans in Piping Program equips military service members preparing to leave the service with sought-after skills that can lead to lifelong careers in the in-demand pipe trades field. During the free 18-week accelerated training program, participants learned basic welding skills and earned welding certifications that will be put to use once they leave the military and begin work in an agreed upon geographical location with a guaranteed job that pays good, livable wages and offers good benefits.

“By growing through skilled training, you are paying forward for a better world tomorrow.  Your selfless service as Service members and Veterans has improved the quality of life for all of us. Your future work in the trade will continue to impact us all through your contributions to rebuild the infrastructure across the nation. said UA VIP Administrator Mike Hazard.

Military members who successfully complete the UA VIP Program and transition out of the service do not face the stress endured by most members of the armed services who are preparing to transition out of the service. By guaranteeing UA VIP graduates employment upon completion of this free career skills training program, members can focus on taking care of themselves and their family instead of worrying about finding a job.

"For the last 18 weeks, I've witnessed these 14 Marines and one Airman improve exponentially on their welding craft,” said Camp Pendleton UA VIP Instructor Sean Ellis. “VIP Class 26 grew together not only as a cohort but also a blended family. I feel honored to be a part of their learning process and to welcome these service members to our trade." 

Transitioning service members can apply for this 18-week accelerated courses that includes classroom and hands-on skills instruction, which is provided free of cost at select military bases and UA training centers across the country. VIP participants earn industry-recognized certifications and direct entry into guaranteed private-sector jobs with good pay and benefits through a UA signatory contractor.

The UA VIP Program helps military members prepare to enter the United Association’s five-year apprenticeship program at an agreed upon UA Local Union nationwide. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates begin their transition back to civilian life without the stress of having to acclimate, while also starting a career in the pipe trades.

For more information on this program, visit wwwUAVIP.org/Pendleton