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UA Veterans in Piping (VIP) By UA Veterans in Piping (VIP) • January 28, 2019

UA VIP Norfolk HVAC-R Class 8 students perform work on Naval Hospital HVAC units

The United Association Veterans in Piping Program provides students with classroom instruction and hands-on lab work to learn their trade, while sometimes providing participants with opportunities to see how these systems work in real-life.

Students in the HVACR Class 8 at Norfolk recently took a trip to the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, where they learned first-hand how the HVAC units work.

“The Naval Hospital has been a great visual learning tool and a valuable asset to this program,” said Norfolk HVAC-R Instructor Marvin Donnell.

This field trip helps students learn how the HVAC units work.

“The students love being able to see first-hand how the plant furnishes steam, hot water and chilled water and then distributes it through-out the hospital, ending at the terminal units controlling the climate in patient spaces,” said Donnell.

HVAC-R Class 8

HVAC-R Class 8 is slated to graduate on Feb. 21.

The UA VIP Program is a free 18-week accelerated training course where students prepare themselves for a lifelong career in the piping industry. This program is open to active-duty transitioning military service members, who are looking to transition back to civilian life.

Following the 18-week course, these students will become apprentices and join the United Association’s five-year apprenticeship. UA VIP Program participants are guaranteed jobs with with a UA signatory contractor in agreed upon geographical location.

Military service members who are beginning the process to transition out of the military can apply for the UA VIP Program on seven military installations across the country.

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