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UA VIP students take safety class to complement welding training

UA VIP - Camp Pendleton Welding Class 38 - Milwaukee Tool Safety Training

Students in Camp Pendleton’s Welding Class 38 learned how to make the workplace safer through a safety training session, provided by a special guest.

Safety training is part of the core curriculum of the United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program.

Led by Milwaukee Tool Training Rep. Kamran Nafison, the two-hour training session walked students through the safety protocols related to working with a variety of tools.

“To ensure the UA VIP students are competitive in today's construction market, they cannot be unsafe and not productive while using outdated equipment,” said UA VIP Camp Pendleton Training Instructor Jason Culkin. “We have to make sure all UA VIP and UA members are staying up with the times in a rapidly changing market so we can help the contractors profit and continue keeping UA members working.” 

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The importance of hands-on safety training

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During the hands-on training, the students examined each tool and asked questions. Nafison explained what each tool was used for and detailed best safety practices.

Students examined and tried out drill motors, a band saw, a rotary hammer drill with a vacuum attachment, an impact drill and a variety of lighting elements. They also learned how to use a portable tripod vise, skill saw and reciprocating saw. All the tools were battery powered.

Safety training is an ongoing process. Nafison explained how the tools and technology are continually changing and evolving.


Safety is the first lesson in learning how to weld

The safety class is designed to increase the awareness of proper tool safety, Culkin said.

“This type of training is crucial for the UA VIP students,” Culkin said. “The safety training makes the students aware of the importance of being a safe and productive worker. It is critical our students be aware of the importance of safety before they start their hands-on projects.”

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Culkin said the class was a resounding success.

“The students were able to learn about the importance of using the proper tool for the task they will be performing, and how that alone will make them more productive and valuable for the contractor,” Culkin said. “The students reacted in a very positive way because they were not aware of the vast diversity of power tools that are being used in the new career they are starting.”

The safety skills will be key as the students learn welding fundamentals during the 18-week long class. The UA VIP program is a Career Skills Program (CSP) that teaches transitioning active-duty service members basic skills in order to begin a career in the pipe trades after they leave the military. The program provides guaranteed job placement into a UA registered apprenticeship after the military.

The UA VIP program offers training in welding, HVACR and fire sprinkler fitting at select military bases across the country.

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