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UA VIP Welding Class 20 begins at Camp LeJeune

UA VIP Welding Class 20 begins at Camp LeJeune

The experience range of the 10 students that make up Welding Class 20 at Camp LeJeune is across the board.

Some have never held a welding torch in their hands before. Yet in just 18 accelerated weeks, they will not only learn how to weld — they will earn various welding certificates that will better prepare them for their United Association (UA) Registered Apprenticeship Program after they transition out of the military.

That is the focus of the United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) Program. The transitioning active duty service members who join the program can have little to no training — yet in just over four months, they’ll leave with industry recognized certifications to help them begin a great civilian career.

The students will learn how to weld alongside experienced journeyman instructors through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. After they complete the program and transition out of the military, they will gain direct entry into a UA Registered Apprenticeship Program at an agreed upon location and begin good paying civilian careers.

Transitioning active-duty service members are eligible to apply for the UA VIP Program during their last 18 months of service commitment. The training takes place while they are still in the military at select bases throughout the country.

UA VIP classes are available in welding, HVACR and fire sprinkler fitting.


A direct path to a good paying union welding career

Once they enter a UA Registered Apprenticeship Program, the students will start earning good union wages and quickly be eligible for quality healthcare for themselves and their family. They will start earning a pension and a 401K for their retirement. As they progress through the program, they’ll earn pay increases to complement their increased skills and knowledge.

Upon completion of their UA apprenticeship, they will become journeymen with numerous possibilities for further career advancement. They will earn quality wages in an industry that continues to have a high demand for jobs.

It all begins with the United Association Veterans in Piping Program. The program was designed to provide transitioning active duty service members with the skills and means to start lucrative civilian careers after they finish their commitment to their country.

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