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Army Corporal secures good paying welding career thanks to UA VIP

UA VIP - Isaac Marinchek Success Story - VIP Fort Carson Graduate

Two years after transitioning out of the military, Army Cpl. Isaac Marinchek has a good paying career as a union welder. 

Currently, he’s in the second year of a UA registered apprenticeship program. This career path started with the United Association Veterans in Piping Program, an Army CSP program that taught him basic welding skills while still in the military.

UA VIP - Isaac Marinchek Success Story - VIP Fort Carson Graduate

“The UA VIP helped me land a good paying job,” Marinchek said. “It was a pretty smooth transition.”

Over the course of 18-weeks, Marinchek learned basic welding skills through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience alongside an experienced journeyman instructor. He also earned industry recognized certifications that put him ahead of the game.

“The amount of welding time I was able to get really put me ahead of everyone else,” he said.

Active duty service members are eligible to apply to the UA VIP Program during their last 18 months of enlistment.

Marinchek graduated from the United Association Veterans in Piping’s Welding Class 18 at Fort Carson.


A good paying welding career straight out of the military

After completing the UA VIP Program and transitioning out of the military, Marinchek joined UA Local 58 in Westminster, Colo. and began his welding apprenticeship. He immediately began working upon arrival.

“I started work on my first day,” he remembered.

Marinchek earns good pay with steady raises as he progresses through his UA registered apprenticeship program. He quickly became eligible for quality healthcare for himself and his family. He’s also earning a pension and a 401K for his retirement.

Marinchek regularly welds pipes in office buildings, pharmaceutical plants and casinos. He loved his experience in the United Association Veterans in Piping Program and the opportunities it provided. He’d recommend the UA VIP Program to any of his military friends looking for a good paying civilian career.

“Try to do the VIP,” he said. “It’s worth it.”

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