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Fort Campbell Welding Class 22 students graduate from the UA VIP program

Students in the United Association Veterans in Piping (UA VIP) program Fort Campbell Welding Class 22 graduated on Feb. 29.

Once they transition out of the military, the graduates will begin their civilian careers in the pipe trades. 

Instructors Michael Smith and Chris Johnson taught the students through both classroom instruction and hands-on training. 

During their time in the class, students learned the basic welding skills needed to be successful in a UA apprenticeship program.

UA VIP graduates are guaranteed direct entry into a DOL-registered apprenticeship program with the UA at an agreed-upon location in the U.S.

The UA VIP program provides students a headstart above other apprentices. During their time in the UA VIP program, students had the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications in Oxy-Fuel Cutting, SMAW Plate Welding, SMAW Pipe Welding, SMAW Pipe Welding, SMAW Pipe Spool and GRAW Pipe Welding. 

The UA VIP program offers 118 days of on-base training to help transitioning service members prepare for a civilian career in welding, HVAC-R or fire suppression at the following seven military bases:

What VIP graduates can expect from a UA apprenticeship


Going into their apprenticeship programs, VIP graduates already know the basics to perform proper installation, maintenance and repair of various piping systems. 

The graduates already know where they will complete their five-year UA apprenticeship after they transition out of the military. 

While working as an apprentice, VIP graduates will earn good wages and will qualify for medical benefits. Class 22 graduates will continue to learn and improve their industry knowledge and skills through on-the-job training and classroom instruction. 

After apprentices top out, they will have even more opportunities for career advancements as journeyman welders. 

The skills VIP students learn in the UA VIP program prepare them for a long, rewarding civilian career in the pipe trades. If you are an active-duty military member looking to transition back into civilian life, apply for the UA VIP program today.