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UA VIP Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 halfway through training

The United Association Veterans In Piping (UA VIP) Fort Campbell Fire Suppression Class 12 students are halfway done with their training.

Over the course of 18 weeks, the students undergo advanced fire suppression training led by experienced journeyman instructors, incorporating a blend of classroom lectures and hands-on instruction.

With nine weeks down and nine weeks to go, students will soon be ready to begin their new civilian careers in the pipe trades. This is also the point where students learn where they will relocate after finishing their military commitment.

The UA VIP is a DOD SkillBridge Program that transitioning active-duty service members in their last six months of service can join to help smooth their transition process from the military back to civilian life. 

After military transition, graduates of the UA VIP program are assured of job placement at a mutually agreed-upon location.

For Army Sgt. Phillip Giacone, the UA VIP program was perfect as he prepared to transition out of the military and start a new career. 

Giacone will begin his apprenticeship at Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 in Chicago. He will begin working at the beginning of next year and will continue to expand his skillset. 

Through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction, these aspiring apprentices will receive competitive hourly wages and high-quality healthcare benefits as they advance in their careers.

Army Staff Sgt. Warren Gellings will be joining Pipefitters UA Local 120 in Cleveland, near his hometown. He will also start working early in 2024.

Active-duty service members in their final six months of service are encouraged to apply for the UA VIP program as part of their transition process.

The UA VIP program wants to help you 

The UA VIP program was established with two goals in mind: reducing unemployment among veterans and helping address manpower shortages in the union construction industry.

The UA VIP program knows that service members possess the skill set and discipline necessary for success in the piping industry. Those who have sacrificed for our country deserve the support they need as they transition to civilian life.

The UA VIP program is available at seven military bases with nine different programs.

For more information on the UA VIP program and the application process, go to the website and read more.