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UA VIP graduates get ahead of the transitioning curve

UA Veterans in Piping - VIP welding

While many programs help military veterans succeed after completing their time in the service, graduates of the United Association Veterans in Piping Program find themselves ahead of the curve when they return to the civilian world.

Army Corporal and current UA Local 43 journeyman Jordan Caldwell expressed his thankfulness to the UA for all of the help they provide to active-duty transitioning military service members and their families.

“I learned a lot in the UA VIP Program,” Caldwell said. “It was great gaining entrance into an organization that helps soon-to-be veterans so much.”

The UA VIP Program is an 18-week Career Skills program, which helps active-duty transitioning military service members develop entry-level pipe trades skills while they finish out their service. The VIP Program is open to all active-duty transitioning military service members and is offered at seven installations throughout the U.S.

Now a journeyman UA member in Tennessee, Caldwell looked back on his time as a VIP student and had some encouraging words for those thinking about applying for the program.

“Come prepared to learn and work hard,” he said. “Good people create good organizations, which create good environments. It all starts with you.”

After completing the VIP Program and transitioning out of the military, Caldwell and his classmates were placed with a UA signatory contractor in an agreed upon location. VIP graduates are guaranteed employment with UA contractors.

Job placement was one of the major reasons the VIP Program stood out to Caldwell.

“Job placement was a huge difference,” he said. “I have done other programs and none have gotten me a job as fast.”

In addition to guaranteed job placement, VIP graduates gain direct entry into the five-year UA registered apprenticeship program. As apprentices, they earn a livable wage and learn on-the-job from experienced UA members. This on-the-job training is supplemented by additional classroom instruction throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.

As apprentices and later as journeymen, VIP graduates earn livable wages and great benefits such as full-family health insurance, a 401k plan and a pension.

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