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United Association holds Master Instructor Bootcamp in Ann Arbor

The United Association’s Education and Training Department hosted a Master Instructor Bootcamp on March 5-7 at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

The purpose of the Bootcamp was to give UA members the opportunity to collaborate with everyone from co-instructors, training specialists, International Training Fund staff and Washtenaw Community College staff.

At the Bootcamp, instructors were provided the opportunity to attend several different workshops that helped instructors learn the basics of Canvas – the newly adapted learning management system – classroom management techniques, presentation skills and co-instructor collaboration.

The UA and WCC have partnered for over 30 years to bring the renowned training program to Ann Arbor.

UA VIP graduates learn teaching techniques at Bootcamp


Two UA VIP graduates, Alyssa Tamayo and Sam Phipps, were in attendance. Both graduates are now UA Instructors and used the Bootcamp to co-collaborate with other instructors and listen to the UA speakers. 

Tamayo graduated from Fort Campbell Welding Class 4 in 2016 and teaches the 3045 RTS Basics for the UA. She also teaches construction technology to fifth-year apprentices at Local 100, Dallas. 

“The Bootcamp went well,” Tamayo said. “We used this week to finalize our courses for the RTS certification.” 

Besides teaching the 3045 RTS Basics, she also helps her co-instructors teach the 3046 RTS Beyond Basics and the 3047 RTS certification. 

“At Local 100, I give the apprentices an introduction to technology commonly used in the field such as Robotic Total Station, GNSS (GPS Layout), reality scanning, Matterport and Revit,” she said. 

Tamayo has been teaching at Local 100 for three years and has been instructing with the UA for two years. 

The conversations with other instructors were beneficial to Tamayo and she said she will take the lessons she learned back to the classroom. 

The other UA VIP graduate in attendance was Sam Phipps who completed the Joint Base Lewis-McChord HVAC-R Class 3 in 2014. 

Now a Conservation Programs Manager with the Union Sportsmen’s Association, Phipps will soon begin his first year of instructing.

“My overall experience at Bootcamp was amazing,” Phipps said. “Even though this will be my first year teaching, I was able to network with so many different instructors that have years of teaching experience.” 

Soon, Phipps will begin teaching an Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) course.

“In this course, UA members will learn how to recognize warning signs that lead to violent situations in the workplace and how to quickly react in case of an active shooter situation with a better decision-making process,” Phipps said. “This course will also provide members with techniques to stop and control the bleeding of victims.”

Tamayo and Phipps both agreed that the Instructor Bootcamp was a great learning experience and they will take what they learned back with them to the classroom.