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Service members quickly advance through the VIP Pipe Trades Program

Copper project Pilot #2 (2)

At the midway point of the United Association Veterans in Piping Program (UA VIP) Pipe Trades Class 2 at Fort Campbell, students are working hard to develop an understanding of the piping industry.

The active-duty transitioning military service members participating in the 2nd Pipe Trades class are learning the basics of a vast skill set they can take with them and use in a career throughout the piping industry.

Fort Campbell Staff Sergeant Jacob Little is impressed with the program.

“There is a lot of information to take in and the good thing about it is that when you get to your Local, you will have a good knowledge of the pipe trades,” he said.

Participants are receiving this education through the UA VIP program, which is a free 18-week accelerated career skills program open to transitioning active-duty military service members. The program helps alleviate the stress of finding a career after transitioning from the military.

The skills learned during UA VIP program help prepare service members for a long and successful career within the UA in one of their many crafts.

After graduation and successful transition out of the military, UA VIP graduates receive direct entry into the UA’s five-year registered apprenticeship program at an agreed upon location nationwide. As a UA apprentice, they will continue to improve on their newly found skill set and gain on-the-job experience within the industry.

The guarantee of a job and further training after graduation is what draws service members to the VIP program.

“There is no worry of not having a job after getting out,” Little said.

He also recommends any active-duty transitioning military service member to apply for the UA VIP program.

A career with the UA can be extremely rewarding.UA apprentices earn a livable wage and get incremental pay raises as they advance through the apprenticeship program and their skillset improves. They also have a pension, 401K and excellent health benefits.

For more information about the UA VIP program at Fort Campbell, including program class schedules, Click here.