UA VIP offers job security, less stress during military transition

Jul 12, 2017 10:03:36 AM / by UA Veterans in Piping (VIP)

As Sergeant William Kindermann was preparing to leave the service, he found himself thinking more and more about his future.

It’s natural to have some apprehension about the unknown, but one aspect of Kindermann’s future life was already certain: The start of a new and rewarding civilian career thanks to the free welding training he received through the United Association’s Veterans in Piping Program.

Upon leaving the military, Kindermann will have a job waiting for him as an apprentice welder with a UA contractor.

The promise of job security while reintegrating back into civilian life was simply too much to pass up, Kindermann said. It made applying for UA VIP an easy choice.

“The VIP program promises job security and eases the stress of transitioning, as well as help you reintegrate yourself back into civilian life,” he said.

Kindermann, who admitted he has always been interested with welding and enjoyed working with his hands, said the UA VIP instructors at Fort Campbell did a great job and were able to provide each student with individual mentoring.

He learned about the program through the SFL-TAP. Upon successfully completing the course, he will transition into a job and become a UA apprentice, ensuring he has health insurance and retirement benefits. He will immediately start earning a living wage, while further honing his craft.

As the 18-week accelerated program winds down, Kindermann urges his fellow military members to not only apply to the UA VIP Program, but to do all they can to ensure a smooth transition out of the service.

“Utilize time before the program to sort out any issues with leave, orders and clearing,” he said. “This will help you avoid missing classes and provide for a smoother transition.”

Military members stationed at Fort Campbell can learn more about the on base UA VIP Program by submitting their contact information by clicking here.

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